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Here's the Plan

The Here’s the Plan brochure and presentation helps Canadians understand the financial planning process, the benefits of engaging in financial planning and the value of working with a CFP® professional. 

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Value of Financial Planning

The Value of Financial Planning, a three-year longitudinal study of almost 15,000 Canadians, provides important insight into the potentially life changing impact of financial planning. 

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Canadian Financial Planning Definitions

Canadian Financial Planning Definitions, Standards & Competencies

The Canadian Financial Planning Definitions, Standards & Competencies is the first unified, definitive source on financial planning definitions and professional financial planning standards in Canadian history. 

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FP Standard

The FP Standard, published semi-annually, is your source for keeping up-to-date on ideas, thoughts and trends in the financial planning profession.

Projection Assumption Guidelines

Developed by a committee of actuarial and financial planning professionals and updated annually, the Projection Assumption Guidelines are intended as an aid in making long-term financial projections that are free from potential financial planner biases or predispositions.

A Matter of Trust: Protecting Canadians’ Financial Futures

A Matter of Trust: Protecting Canadians’ Financial Futures is a framework for the official establishment of financial planning as a profession: a profession that Canadian consumers can trust.

Annual Report

Our Summary Financial Statements for the year end March 31, 2016.



Canadians Cite Money Worries as Greatest Source of Stress

A national survey conducted by Leger* on behalf of Financial Planning Standards Council has found that 42 per cent of Canadians rank ‘money’ as their greatest stress. That stress is driving Canadians to lose sleep, reconsider past financial decisions, argue with partners and lie to family and friends. 

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Canadians and Their Money

A national survey conducted on behalf of the Financial Planning Standards Council has found that worries about money plague Canadians’ minds on a daily basis. 

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