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The senior management of Financial Planning Standards Council leads a team of more than 30 individuals dedicated to driving value and instilling confidence in financial planning. Select a biography below to learn more about each member of our executive team.

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Cary List, CPA, CA, CFP®

President & CEO

Cary List leads Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) as the premier standards-setter for the financial planning profession in Canada. He has spent the past decade as CEO, working tirelessly on behalf of FPSC to ensure that CFP certification is recognized as the standard for financial planning and to see financial planning recognized in law as a distinct profession.

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Isabelle Gonthier, PhD

Vice President, Certification

As Vice President, Certification, Isabelle ensures the highest standards are upheld in the FPSC Level 1 Examination in Financial Planning and the CFP Examination, the two FPSC examinations required for CFP designation. She also manages FPSC’s certification process and policies

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Kimberley Ney, MBA

Vice President, Communications

As Vice President, Communications, Kimberley oversees the development of marketing and communications programs and initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of professional financial planning and help grow the community of CFP professionals.

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Joanna Tukums, CPA, CA

Vice President, Finance and Administration

As Vice President, Finance & Administration, Joanna oversees the internal operations of FPSC, including Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Project Management Office and Facilities Management. She also holds the role of Corporate Secretary and is responsible for enterprise risk management, governance and administration for the FPSC Board of Directors.

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Stephen Rotstein, BA, LL.B.

Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel

As Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Stephen oversees all government, regulatory and public policy issues related to financial planning. He works with government officials, regulators and other stakeholders to ensure FPSC’s voice is heard on financial planning related matters and that FPSC’s standards for professional financial planning are incorporated into legislation, regulations and rules.

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Joan Yudelson, MBA, CFP®

Vice President, Professional Practice

As Vice President, Professional Practice, Joan manages education strategy and requirements, as well as technical content development. She is also responsible for FPSC’s financial planning standards and enforcement activities, overseeing investigation, prosecution and resolution of complaints against CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 Certificants in Financial Planning.

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