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CFP® Professional Competency Profile

CFP Professional Competency Profile

The CFP Professional Competency Profile / Profil des compétences du CFP professionnel outlines FPSC’s standards of competence for Certified Financial Planner® professionals. It outlines the abilities that a CFP professional must possess and details the job-related skills, knowledge, attitudes and judgments required for competent performance by members of the financial planning profession. These competencies differentiate comprehensive financial planning from other financial services and distinguish the value proposition offered by CFP professionals to their clients.

The Competency Profile serves as a valuable resource for examinations candidates, CFP professionals, education providers and employers.

Every five years, FPSC revalidates the Competency Profile to ensure its continued relevance to the financial planning industry, representation of the competency and skill level required by Canadians and reflection of the demands placed upon financial planners.