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Bloom’s Taxonomy is a widely used educational classification system for defining, distinguishing and categorizing different levels of cognitive thinking. It provides the framework for the Financial Planning Body of Knowledge (FP-BoK).

The verbs used in the FP-BoK articulate the depth of knowledge expected of CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificants and align with those used in Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Glossary of Verbs Used in the FP-BoK

Define To state exactly the meaning of
Identify To be aware of / to recognize and correctly name / to locate an appropriate resource
Explain To make clear the meaning of / to describe something in more detail or reveal relevant facts or ideas related to it
Compare To note the similarities and differences between two or more things
Estimate To determine an approximate value for
Calculate To find the value using mathematics
Convert To change from one form or purpose to another
Evaluate To reach a conclusion or make a judgement through careful study
Interpret To give the meaning of / to construe or understand / to translate orally