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Anonymous Case Histories

Anonymous Case Histories

In December 2009, FPSC approved the issuance of cautionary guidance by the Standards Enforcement Department. Cautions were intended to address those situations in which guidance was warranted. 

In 2014, Cautions were replaced by Letters of Guidance and Advice from the Conduct Review Panel (the “CRP”). The CRP is made up of experienced CFP professionals and members of the public. The Panel’s mandate is to consider cases and investigative reports brought before it by FPSC’s Standards and Enforcement staff. In connection with the administration of FPSC’s Standards Enforcement policies and procedures, the Panel exercises broad discretionary authority in making decisions about complaints.

Neither Cautions nor Letters of Guidance reflect a finding of misconduct. Findings of misconduct may only be made by a Hearing Panel of the Conduct Review Panel, consisting of CFP professionals and members of the public.

The following Anonymous Case Histories (listed by year) provide a historical account of matters in which guidance was issued by the Director pursuant to the Disciplinary Rules and Procedures applicable at the time. These Anonymous Case Histories are provided for the benefit of all CFP professionals.